Revere has the solution for natural nail challenges.

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  • Revere – Reflect your beauty

  • Revere – Reflect your beauty

  • Revere – Reflect your beauty

The "Revere Experience" Opportunities

Take the "Go Natural"" challenge!

We offer our products with confidence by inviting you to try our products with a money back guarantee!
Invest 5 minutes a day and you will be amazed with the results.
Start on the first day by using Revere’s 3-Way Nail Buffer. Easy 1, 2, and 3 steps printed on each file which will prepare the nail by exfoliating, stimulating and distributing natural nail moisture to promote healthier, stronger more flexible nails.
Next apply Revere’s Nail & Cuticle Moisturizer (one product for both areas). Make sure to massage in any excess product, paying attention to the edges of your nail closest to your cuticle before proceeding to the final step.
Apply either of Revere’s nail strengtheners. Multi Active Nail Strengthener with Care (without formaldehyde) or Power Nail Strengthener.
Remaining days:
Remove Revere’s Power or Multi Active Nail Strengthener with nail polish remover. Don’t worry we will re-moisturize!
Apply Revere’s Nail & Cuticle Moisturizer (like day 1)
Apply Revere’s power or Multi Active Nail Strengthener.

Post Your Before & After Nails Contest

2 ways to enter:
Once a month we will randomly select from the posts and send at no charge a Revere product of your choice!
It’s easy! Snap a photo with your mobile phone or digital camera before you start using Revere and then when you start noticing your results! You can send them by email or directly upload your photos from your phone onto our web site!
Explain your nails condition before your start using and then after you have used Revere’s product(s) with the results.

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